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Anxiety & Insomnia Relief

Shruthi Jayakumar, California

"I had anxiety issues and trouble falling asleep. With timely Ayurvedic intervention with a comprehensive wellness plan, I made dietary and lifestyle changes which dramatically improved my sleep quality." 


I am truly convinced about the health benefits of Ayurveda thanks to Satva. It was very easy to set up remote appointments."


Parenting with Ayurveda

Suba Santhanam, Singapore

"My 2-year old daughter had blisters and boils on her hair and recurrent skin infections. Her height and weight was also less for her age. 


For natural options, I consulted Dr. Aruna Iyengar on Satva. Her holistic wellness plan included changes in diet, skin and hair care practices, massage therapies and Ayurvedic supplements. Within 3 months, all her issues were resolved.


Thanks to her and the Satva team, this was a great experience overall and I would highly recommend this."

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Weight Loss

Abhinav Singh, India

"I consulted Dr. Aruna Iyengar for my long term weight loss and dietary changes. She provided me the wellness plan after understanding my constraints and lifestyle thoroughly. By following her suggestions I improved my sleep cycles, reduced a lot of weight, and improved my overall lifestyle.


Thanks to the team Satva for connecting me to Dr. Aruna Iyengar and offering remote consultation with her."


Averted Uterus Removal Surgery

Meena Dhomse, California

"My primary care physician recommended surgical removal of my uterus as there were fibroids, and they were increasing in size. That's when I discovered Satva. 6 months of consulting Dr. Aruna Iyengar through Satva, my periods are back to normal, and scans confirm fibroids have reduced in size

I highly recommend Satva as it is easy to use and it connected me to a dedicated Ayurveda expert like Dr. Aruna Iyengar. She was very responsive, understood my constraints, and created an effective wellness plan that could followed remotely."

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Joint Pain Relief

Jayalakshmi S, India

"For 4 years I had persistent knee pain and could not bend my knees well.


With 4 weeks of remote consultation on Satva, which involved diet shifts and Ayurvedic supplements, I can now comfortably sit crossed legged on the floor."

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