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Meet the Team

Satva CEO: Dr. Suchitra Sathyanarayanan

Dr. Suchitra Sathyanarayana

Founder & CEO

PhD in Comp Vision & ML.

12 years experience leading R&D teams.

10 US Patents.

Yoga & Mindfulness Coach.

  • Suchitra Sathyanarayana
Satva CTO: Dr. Ravi Kumar Satzoda

Dr. Ravi Kumar Satzoda

Co founder & CTO

PhD with 10 years of AI product design and devt.

Author of 50+ publications.

Chair in top tier conferences (CVPR, IV)

  • Dr. Ravi Kumar Satzoda
Satva COO: Sowmya Ramakrishnan

Sowmya Ramakrishnan

Co founder & COO

MBA (Marketing Strategy) Indian School of Business.

10 years of Sales & Marketing @ IBM and Google incl. product launches, GTM, digital campaigns

  • Sowmya Ramakrishnan
Satva VP Wellness

Dr. Aruna Iyengar

VP. Wellness

Ayurvedic Doctor, BAMS, M.Sc (Biochemistry)

Director of Atharvani Ayurvedic Centre, Mumbai India 

  • Dr. Aruna Iyengar
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