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Order Ayurveda Supplements


To ensure you've a seamless wellness journey with Ayurveda, access to affordable supplements is essential. We’ve signed a new partner, Ayush Arogyam  that ships over 1500+ of premium brands of Ayurveda supplements to 100+ countries worldwide.

How do I order?

Option 1: Request supplements shipment during a Satva Consultation


Inform the expert that you prefer the supplements to be shipped. Ayush Arogyam will contact you with a pricing quote. You can then directly place an order with Ayush Arogyam.

Option 2: Just Order Supplements


Email us at

Terms & Conditions Apply.  Any order placed with Ayush Arogyam is a direct transaction between the customer and Ayush Arogyam. Satva can not be held responsible for any delays or quality issues related to the purchase.  

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