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Ayurveda experts



Area of Specialization

  • Practicing Ayurveda Gynaecalogy since last 29 years. Her expertise is in Pregnancy, Infertility cases, PCOD, Irregular menses, Hyperthyroidism, Habitual abortions, Menopausal syndrome. 

  • She has offers a unique technique of Uttarbasti to cure infertility. She will be with you from menarche to menopause and even after that phase also. 

  • Also she is expert in cosmetic problems like Hairfall, Dandruff, Baldy patch on head. Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Oily or dry skin. Sagging of skin. 

  • She had done diploma in Yoga teacher. Expert in beejsanskar and garbhasanskar, Yognidra. Special Yogasana for normal delivery. 

Dr Renuka Kulkarni


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