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Ragu Ram

Masters in Yoga

Ragu Ram

Professional Qualifications

- MSc in Yoga & Naturopathy from Tamilnadu Physical Education & Sports University

- QCI Certificate of Level 2 for Yoga

Client Profile & Experience 

I have 12 years of experience in teaching yoga focusing on both physical and mental aspects. I have helped clients manage myriad of issues such as common cold, pains, aches, arthritis, insominia, disc prolapses, heart blocks. I also teach yoga for children over the age of 10.

I run a yoga institution in Chennai, Meiyogam. I offer a combination of acupuncture, acupressure and yoga depending on the issues. 

Online consultation

I believe mind has a great power to heal and I want to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. With internet and video conferencing tools, I wish to support anyone, anywhere who needs it. 


I can offer sessions in Tamil and English. 


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