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Wellness Programs

Building Preventive Health - the new normal

Healthy employees are essential for  a healthy business. In these times of widespread pandemic, businesses are taking initiatives to build preventive health along with traditional medical insurance. This goes a long way in helping companies in business continuity and growth.



 "We worked with Satva to arrange wellness events in Aditya Birla communities. The sessions were hosted by well qualified experts who set the context of how Ayurveda works and shared a plenty of practical tips on lifestyle. 1:1 online consultations that followed helped many of our members to get tailored recommendations for their wellness. We had a seamless experience partnering with Satva. I will definitely recommend them for natural wellness!" - SSKVD Prasada Rao, VP Finance, UltraTech Cement, Aditya Birla Group Co


Hands-on Group Workshop

Certified Ayurveda-Yoga experts from Satva host interactive online workshops 

  • 1-2 hours

  • Learn how lifestyle choices  affects our mind-body wellness.

  • Practical everyday tips from Ayurveda to build immunity 

1:1 Wellness


We can offer group discount 1:1 appointment with a panel of Satva experts

  • Each session 45 minutes long

  • Safe & efficient online consultations on Satva app

  • Highly customized wellness plan for lifestyle disorders and chronic issues

  • Shipping available for any ayurvedic supplements 

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